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K-State experts offer advice on how to make the most of the relationship with the banker

K-State experts offer advice on how to maximize the return on investment

K-State experts advise careful monitoring for best health outcomes in newly weaned calves

K-State experts say facilities should be safe for people and cattle

Beef cattle experts suggest factors for consideration when feeding co-products

K-State beef cattle experts discuss weaning strategies

K-State beef experts offer advice for managing calves prior to weaning

K-State experts discuss matching cattle needs to feed resources

K-State beef cattle specialist explains ways to effectively use data in sire selection

Experts discuss this common cattle condition and offer tips for prevention

Experts discuss risk factors and treatment options for pre-weaning pneumonia

Beef cattle experts outline ‘pillars’ for sustainable ranches

Due to the COVID-19 limitations, consumers are looking to farmers and ranchers to fill the void

K-State beef cattle experts suggest best practices for storing round bales

K-State forage expert talks about how teff grass is being used for cattle grazing in Kansas

K-State experts share how COVID-19 is shifting buying preferences

K-State beef cattle experts offer advice for grazing legumes

K-State beef cattle experts share tips for treating calves

K-State beef cattle experts join effort to help reproductive success of heifers, young cows

Sustainability. Food Waste. COVID-19. College Closed.

Beef cattle experts discuss business management strategies during a crisis

Beef Cattle Institute Celebrates its 100th Cattle Chat Podcast

Beef Cattle Institute celebrates 100th Cattle Chat Podcast

K-State beef experts offer advice on bull management ahead of turnout

Generational Perceptions about Meat

K-State beef experts discuss reasons why twins occur and how to care for them

K-State experts discuss proper use of antibiotics in a treatment protocol

K-State experts offer advice on beef cattle breeding

K-State, industry experts outline criteria for buying bulls

First milk important to successful calving experience

Balancing Calving Ease Priorities in Heifer Matings


The hidden cost of cow depreciation

K-State beef cattle experts discuss tips for raising stocker cattle

K-State beef cattle experts share considerations for retaining females in the herd

Beef Cattle Institute, Bayer Animal Health host beef industry tour for international cattle producers, veterinarians

Hy-Plains Feedyard with Paula

K-State’s Beef Cattle Institute receives planning grant to collaborate campuswide on sustainability education


Kansas announces Cattle Trace pilot program for disease traceability

Beef Cattle Institute podcast now available to download


Kansas State University’s Beef Cattle Institute appoints David Amrine as its new research director

Beef Cattle Institute’s Dustin Aherin to attend MIT Sloan Visiting Fellows Program


National Institute of Food and Agriculture grant provides training, networking opportunities for rural veterinarians in Kansas, region

BCI adds resources for Veterinary Feed Directive changes

BCI launches pregnancy analytics mobile app

BCI’s Beef Scholars program provides opportunities for students, resources for beef industry

BCI provides online resource for upcoming Veterinary Feed Directive changes

K-State’s BCI to host International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare

Registration open for Kansas State University KCoe Isom Beef Sustainability Knowledge Summit

Beef Cattle Institute and Kansas Beef Council host three additional free BQA training sessions

K-State’s Beef Cattle Institute receives planning grant to collaborate campuswide on sustainability education