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Controlling pre-weaning respiratory disease in beef calves
Dr. Manuel Chamorro, Dr. Lacey Robinson, Dr. Emily Reppert, Dr. Natalia Cernicchiaro and Joyce Wick
Study suggests vaccination at fall pregnancy checking may increase immunity against pneumonia during the first 30 days of life.

Duration of postpartum anestrus in cows and heifers
Dr. Robert Larson, Dr. Doug Shane, Dr. Mike Sanderson, Dr. Matt Miesner, Dr. Brad White
Measuring the effects of the duration of postpartum anestrus on mature cows and first-calf heifers

Do darts deliver?
Dr. Hans Coetzee, head of the department of anatomy and physiology, in collaboration with the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University
Pneumatic dart delivery of tulathromycin in calves results in lower biomarkers of stress and injection site inflammation compared to subcutaneous injection

Beating BRD
Dr. Dustin Pendell, professor of agricultural economics
Market Impacts of Reducing the Prevalence of Bovine Respiratory Disease in United States Beef Cattle

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