BCI Cattle Chat
Hosted by Drs. Brad White, Bob Larson, Bob Weaber and Dustin Pendell
Questions on trade; fair season and the value of 4-H and FFA; Lameness in calves; implanting calves

Vet Call: Nutritional aspects of cattle health
Dr. Bob Larson, professor of production medicine
Understand your herd’s nutritional needs and make sure your forages, minerals and supplements meet them

Duration of postpartum anestrus in cows and heifers
Dr. Robert Larson, Dr. Doug Shane, Dr. Mike Sanderson, Dr. Matt Miesner, Dr. Brad White
Measuring the effects of the duration of postpartum anestrus on mature cows and first-calf heifers

BCI Explains: What’s Cattle Chat?
By Shelby Mettlen, communications and marketing specialist
BCI develops podcast for on-the-go audience

Kansas Announces Cattle Trace Pilot Program for Disease Traceability
By Heather Lansdowne, Kansas Department of Agriculture
Collaborative public-private partnership reveals plans to enhance disease traceability in Kansas cattle industry

Veterinary graduate student selected as Seaboard American Royal scholar
By Gabriella Doebele, College of Veterinary Medicine student communications assistant
Ph.D. student in veterinary biomedical studies and BCI graduate student AshLee Lattner selected as one of 12 scholars for prestigious program

Clinical Update: Managing blue-green algae
Dr. Steve Ensley, veterinary toxicologist with the College of Veterinary Medicine
Toxins produced by blue-green algae in the presence of chemical runoff, rainfall and hot temperatures can be fatal to cattle

Rural Veterinary Practitioners Conference videos
Now available on our website, from the 80th Annual Conference for Veterinarians