Patti-2Patti Dollarhide, R.D.

Director of Beef Value Chain Alliances

“Most of us have heard or read the tagline, ‘Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.’ Many of us are aware of beef’s role in responsible human nutrition. As a registered dietitian at Kansas State University’s Beef Cattle Institute, I am proud to take part in a research unit that promotes beef production, and develops tools for producers and veterinarians. With more than 30 years of foodservice experience, I am passionate about translating the good work of our industry leaders to key influencers in the non-commercial foodservice arena. Specifically, I am focused on sharing our message with healthcare professionals, colleges and universities, and restaurants. As consumers increasingly vocalize their desire to understand how food providers deliver safe, responsibly raised beef, I welcome the opportunity to help bridge the gap between consumer and producer by providing education on what our product has to offer. Our consumers should always feel confident putting beef on their families’ dinner tables.”

Patti Dollarhide is a registered dietitian, former veterinary technician, veteran food service specialist and native Kansan. As the director of beef value chain alliances at the Beef Cattle Institute, Patti applies her more than 30 years of experience in food service to educate consumers, retailers, food service professionals, universities and other industries on the importance of beef in a healthy diet.

“When the opportunity to work for the Beef Cattle Institute came, I thought, wow, this a dream job,” Patti says. “I get to help consumers make decisions about what they want to eat and have production agriculture directly involved. It’s a way to bring information to the consumer in a non-biased way and let them make decisions.”

“I want people to feel good eating beef,” she adds. “I want them to welcome it into their diets. Success, for me, would be people understanding ‘Meatless Mondays’ are not in everyone’s best interests, including their own.”

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