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Episode 283: September 29, 2023
How do I Prevent Pregnancy Loss, Culling Decisions at Preg Checking, Infertility vs. Pre-Loss

Episode 282: September 22, 2023
Cattle Chat Live at the Kansas State Fair

Episode 281: September 15, 2023
Research – Heat Impacts, Goals with Pregnancy Checking, How to Best Handle Heat Stress?

Episode 280: September 8, 2023
Replacement heifers, Feeding Soybean Hay, What is Compounding?

Episode 279: September 1, 2023
Listener Question, Economic Questions, Seedstock Producers: What are diseases/challenges?

Episode 278: August 25, 2023
Heifer Management, Vaccination Timing for Calves, Hidden Cost of Transportation: Shrink

Episode 277: August 18, 2023
AVC Conference Summary, Treatment Strategies for Sick Cattle on Summer Pastures, Role of a Composite Sire in a Commercial Breeding Program

Episode 276: August 11, 2023
BVD Herd Prevalence, Beef Consumption in North America, Late Summer Fly Management

Episode 275: August 4, 2023
Cattle Inventory and Selling Strategies, Grazing Management for Fall, Selecting a Weaning Date

Episode 274: July 28, 2023
Listener Question: Product Disposable, What To Do With a Deceased Animal, Intensive Grazing and Impact on Sustainability 

Episode 273: July 21, 2023
Listener Question: EPD Overview, European Market Knowledge, Managing Breeding Pastures for Optimum Genetics

Episode 272: July 14, 2023
Collaborating Center for the Economics of Animal Health- Americas, Bovine Leukemia Virus and Fertility, Listener Question: Grazing Costs

Episode 271: July 7, 2023
Pinkeye, Low Stress Cattle Handling, Listener Question: Heat Stress

Episode 270: June 30 ,2023
Preparations for the Fair, Heat Stress, Research Round Up

Episode 269: June 23, 2023
Introducing Agriculture Today Host Shelby Varner, Tips for Managing Products in the Summer, Beef Cattle Welfare Research Review with Dr. Eduarda Bortoluzzi

Episode 268: June 16, 2023
Water Issues When Ponds Are Low, Hay Cutting and Storage, Guidance 263 and the Beef Producer

Episode 267: June 9, 2023
Hair Shedding, 5 Year Anniversary Questions, Factors Influencing Twin Births

Episode 266: June 2, 2023
Processing Babies, Listener Question, Gut Health: not just the rumen

Episode 265: May 26, 2023
Lameness, Factors Impacting Birth Weight, Research Round-Up 

Episode 264: May 19, 2023
Male Fertility, Value Proposition Of Reproduction Technology And Genomic Selection

Episode 263: May 12, 2023
Grass Tetany, Hidden Operational Costs, Listener Question

Episode 262: May 5, 2023
Listener Question, NIAA, Economic Questions, Electric Fencing

Episode 261: April 28, 2023
Processing Calves, Implanting Bulls, Pre-Pasture Turnout Checklist

Episode 260: April 21, 2023
Feeding Cows, Dairy Beef, Front End Loading

Episode 259: April 14, 2023
IVF/Reproduction, Breeding Questions, Fertility in Herds

Episode 258: April 7, 2023
Beef Advocacy, Defining Sustainability, Beef Checkoff Research

Episode 257: March 31, 2023
Listener Question, Brian’s Trip, Research Round Up

Episode 256: March 24, 2023
Pre-Weaning BRD, Managing Bottle Calves, Building Immunity to BRD

Episode 255: March 17, 2023
Post Calving Nutrition, Economic Questions, Hardware Disease

Episode 254: March 10, 2023
Cattle Abortions, Listener Question, Supplement Post Calving

Episode 253: March 3, 2023
Learning More About Antibiotics, Cattle Cycle, Research Round-Up

Episode 252: February 24, 2023
Scours, Niche Marketing, Mineral Needs

Episode 251: February 17, 2023
NCBA, Economic Questions, Starting a Podcast

Episode 250: February 10, 2023
Colostrum, Drought Management/Planning, Buying vs. Raising Bulls

Episode 249: February 3, 2023
FDA Guidance for Industry 263, CAST Group, Cattle Health Care Kit

Episode 248: January 27, 2023
Tips for New Ranchers, Buying Females, Communicating in Agriculture

Episode 247: January 20, 2023
Udders, Economic Questions, Grazing Bean Stubble

Episode 246: January 13, 2023
Creating a Health Plan, Body Condition Score, Reviving Calves

Episode 245: January 6, 2023
Reviving New Born Calves, Economic Questions, Cold Weather Management

Episode 244: December 30, 2022
Winter Feed Costs, Record Keeping, Listeriosis

Episode 243: December 23, 2022
Calving, Scours Management, Nutritional Management

Episode 242: December 16, 2022
Separating Heifers & Cows, Calving Barns, EID

Episode 241: December 9, 2022
Traceability in the U.S. and Farmers Share of the Dollar

Episode 240: December 2, 2022
Cows Going to Market, Winter Pasture Management, Heritability & Accuracy

Episode 239: November 25, 2022
Vitamin A, Leasing vs. Buying a Bull, Implants

Episode 238: November 18, 2022
Purebred vs. Composite Bulls, Coccidiosis, Selecting Relevant Traits

Episode 237: November 11, 2022
Mineral Form, VFD, Fetal Programming

Episode 236: November 4, 2022
Anaplasmosis, Beta Agonists, Rice Bran

Episode 235: October 28, 2022
Bulls, Sustainability, Agrotoursim

Episode 234: October 21, 2022
Bull Management, Financial Planning, Winter Grazing Techniques

Episode 233: October 14, 2022
Liver Abscesses, Prepping Calves for the Sale Barn, Ammoniated Forages

Episode 232: October 7, 2022
Kelli Almes, Biosecurity Plans, Practitioner Response

Episode 231: September 30, 2022
Monitoring Meat Demand, Nutrition for Fall Calving Cows, Pharmaceutical Updates

Episode 230: September 23, 2022
Purebred vs. Crossbred, Pharmaceutical Updates, Farm Incomes

Episode 229: September 16, 2022
5 Areas of Growth, Pre-Weaning Mortality, PRF Insurance

Episode 228: September 9, 2022
Fall Forage, Small Packing Plants, Cows Fitting their Environment

Episode 227: September 2, 2022
Inflation, Syringe Management, Weaning

Episode 226: August 26, 2022
Higher Input Prices, Body Condition Score, Needle Sizes

Episode 225: August 19, 2022
Liver Abscesses, Stockpiling Forages, Record Keeping

Episode 224: August 12, 2022
Preconditioning Economics, Vaccine Labels, Labor Shortages

Episode 223: August 5, 2022
Drought Related Plant Issues, Heart Disease Research, Liver Biopsies

Episode 222: July 29, 2022
Family Farms and Production, Early Weaning, Pre-Weaning Pneumonia

Episode 221: July 22, 2022
Land-Grant Funding, Hay Testing, Snake Bites, Abscesses & Other Issues

Episode 220: July 15, 2022
ERS Chart: Shrinking Farms, Early Pregnancy Check, ET vs. AI

Episode 219: July 8, 2022
Samantha Bennett, Heat Stress and Management, Preventing Disease Entry

Episode 218: July 1, 2022
Australian Cattle Industry and BVD

Episode 217: June 24, 2022
Managing rising input costs, rotational grazing, bull and cow safety

Episode 216: June 17, 2022
New antibiotic legislation, first calf heifer management, hairy heel warts

Episode 215: June 10, 2022
Penile warts, value of tree leaves, starting in agriculture

Episode 214: June 3, 2022
Creep feeding, minerals & vitamins, water access/quality

Episode 213: May 27, 2022
Warts and ringworm, benefits of AI, early pregnancy loss

Episode 212: May 20, 2022
USRSB key metrics, shortening your calving season, listener question: corkscrew bulls

Episode 211: May 13, 2022
Operational data vs. national industry data, impact of seasonal changes, strategies to get into the beef industry

Episode 210: May 6, 2022
AI programs expectations, heifer and cow synch programs, sexed semen in beef cattle

Episode 209: April 29, 2022
Grazing plan, supplementing cows, employee recruitment

Episode 208: April 22, 2022
When bulls do not pass their BSE, consumer interest in local beef, synch and natural service

Episode 207: April 15, 2022
Food Animal Veterinary Certificate/ Veterinary Training Program for Rural Kansas, Should you perform a BSE on a mature bull, veterinary school advice

After the Chat: Bacterial Vaccine Efficacy

Episode 206: April 8, 2022
Developing bulls and heifers, bacterial vaccine efficacy, cow leasing

After the Chat: AI for Cows

Episode 205: April 1, 2022
AI for cows, transitioning to lush pastures, listener question: small ruminants and cattle

Episode 204: March 25, 2022
Alternative protein sources, risk management for cow-calf producers, atypical pinkeye, cattle herd expansion or contraction

Episode 203: March 18, 2022
Small calves, peak nutritional needs, clean-up bull planning, manheimmia on environmental surfaces

Episode 202: March 11, 2022
Hemp as an alternative feedsource, pain management decisions, tactical health plan building, BRD and pain management

Episode 201: March 4, 2022
Beef Quality Assurance, biosecurity, secure beef supply

Episode 200: February 25, 2022
Liver abscesses, disaster response, focus on feedlot, Cattlemen’s Day schedule

Episode 199: February 18, 2022
Pre-sale strategy, questions with a bull expert, cattle inventory, FAA testing in bulls

Episode 198: February 11, 2022
Sandhills calving system definition, planning for drought, conflict resolution

Episode 197: February 4, 2022
Minimizing hay waste, balancing act, overseeding legumes, joint and navel ill

Episode 196: January 28, 2022
Low-stress facilities, AABP vaccine guidelines, old world bluestem, mud control

Episode 195: January 21, 2022
Tracking technology, cover crops, supplementing heifers over the winter, dehydration in calves

Episode 194: January 14, 2022
Prep for calving season, water in the winter, colostrum management, supplementing with fat

Episode 193: January 7, 2022
Sorting hay and calves, new diagnostic test for BRD, listener question

Episode 192: December 31, 2021
Calving timing, breeding heifers, body condition score timing

Episode 191: December 24, 2021
KLA/ AVC conferences, beef/ dairy cross topics, differences between AIP and BRD, how to get back into the beef industry

Episode 190: December 17, 2021
Crossbreeding in small herds, BRD in calves post-weaning, feeding hay vs. continued grazing, low carbon meat

Episode 189: December 10, 2021
Supply chain shortages, pasture vs. non-pasture feed costs, fetal programming

Episode 188: December 3, 2021
Record analysis, culling pregnant cows, different profit cow-calf operations, Withdrawals

Episode 187: November 26, 2021
Record keeping, weaning transitions: free hay, product handling, research round-up

Episode 186: November 19, 2021
Grazing crop stubble, research round-up: BRD and pain, consumer demand and cattle pricing

Episode 185: November 11, 2021
Economic sustainability of diagnostic labs, parasites and sustainability, risk management and efficiency in cattle pricing

Episode 184: November 5, 2021
Big versus small packers, moving cattle onto fescue, rotating internal parasite products

Episode 183: October 29, 2021
Listener question: post-drought management, eliminating pregnancy loss, internal parasite treatment

Episode 182: October 22, 2021
Internal parasites, when to deworm calves, should you deworm cows?

Episode 181: October 15, 2021
Weaning prep, listener question, transition diet pt. 2

Episode 180: October 8, 2021
Measuring cow herd efficiency, role of research in cow-calf operations, transition diets during weaning

Episode 179: October 1, 2021
Is it actually pinkeye, acidosis and semen production, grazing management plans, carbon credits

Episode 178: September 24, 2021
Beef balance sheet, bull management, grazing monitoring, antibiotic treatment after non-response

Episode 177: September 17, 2021
Stress in cattle, cow herd size changes, grazing monitoring, antibiotic wait time

Episode 176: September 10, 2021
Post-weaning cow management, traceability in the cow-calf herd, better antibiotics, food waste research

Episode 175: September 3, 2021
Research round-Up, alternative marketing, talent management and development, flooring and lameness, anaplasmosis

Episode 174: August 27, 2021
Grazing rates, labor, solar panels, Anthrax

Episode 173: August 20, 2021
Pond management, invest in your herd, reducing shrinkage, weaning and cow health

Episode 172: August 13, 2021
Rabies in cattle, choice vs. select, Research Roundup, blackleg, invest in your herd

Episode 171: August 6, 2021
Grazing season, purchase or produce hay, hay quality and quantity, pre-weaning health management

Episode 170: July 30, 2021
Low stress weaning, managing immunity, post-weaning weight loss, pain management

Episode 169: July 23, 2021
Culling cows, biosecurity, Research Roundup, sustainability, over the counter antibiotics

Episode 168: July 16, 2021
Fencing, fair season warts and ringworm, summer pneumonia, net wrap

Episode 167: July 9, 2021
Fly control, euthanasia, drought management, supplement stocker cattle

Episode 166: July 2, 2021
Cow-calf software, baling hay, Research Roundup, creep feeding, milk fever

Episode 165: June 25, 2021
Research Roundup, beef calves from dairy, pinkeye, replacing corn with wheat, cow vaccinations

Episode 164: June 18, 2021
Training students in animal science, new technologies in the repro world, matching cows to the environment

Episode 163: June 11, 2021
Stocking rate, cattle cycle, value of genetic testing, route of administration

Episode 162: June 4, 2021
Hoof care, water quality, Kansas Farm Bureau, first calf heifers

Episode 161: May 28, 2021
Feed efficiency, feet and leg scores, heat stress

Episode 160: May 21, 2021
High commodity prices, drought management, implants in young calves, vaccinating in warm weather

Episode 159: May 14, 2021
Bottle calves, bringing in orphans, in-season breeding soundness exam, grass feeding

Episode 158: May 7, 2021
Animal agriculture research, replacement heifers, generic antimicrobials, deworming strategies

Episode 157: April 30, 2021
Cattle bloat, US beef imports and exports, copper and trace minerals, Johnes Disease

Episode 156: April 23, 2021
Brazil production system, mineral selection plans, calving timing, needle size

Episode 155: April 16, 2021
News update, BVD, summer pasture utilization, listener question

Episode 154: April 9, 2021
Impact of Grazing Season, AI Synchronization, Cow Depreciation, Hair Shedding

Episode 153: April 2, 2021
War Against Weeds, Weed Management, Grazing Management, Natives vs. Introduced

Episode 152: March 26, 2021
Culls Cows, Calving Difficulty, Transitioning to Grass, Following Up

Episode 151: March 19, 2021
Sustainability, Calving and Spring Issues, BSE, Bull Management and Genetics

Episode 150: March 12, 2021
Hay feeding, breeding soundness exam, bull economics, extending grazing season

Episode 149: March 5, 2021
Cost of open cows, treating calf scours, mud muck, how to prevent enterotoxemia

Episode 148: February 26, 2021
Stump the experts, preventing calf scours, colostrum follow-up, bull spring training

Episode 147: February 19, 2021
Planning synchronization programs in heifers, cold stress management, sustainability in grasslands

Episode 146: February 12, 2021
Eric Atkinson, technology for information, ag innovations, trends in information gathering

Episode 145: February 5, 2021
Breeding & heterogeneity, colostrum, international trade, bull social introductions

Episode 144: January 29, 2021
Traceability, CattleTrace pilot project, CattleTrace memberships

Episode 143: January 22, 2021
Winter lice, growing calf rations, cash marketing of fed cattle, providing minerals

Episode 142: January 15, 2021
Post-calving breeding, replacement heifers, pointers for new operations, rotational grazing fencing options

Episode 141: January 8, 2021
Monitoring body condition score, breeding fall cows, cow size and profitability, and polio

Episode 140: January 1, 2021
Grazing soybean stubble, fescue toxicity and vasodilators, cover crops to use nitrogen in dry lot, winter water mineral supplementation

Episode 139: December 25, 2020
Thin cow management, cull cow sales, feeding during pregnancy, year end analysis

Episode 138: December 18, 2020
Foot problems, fall calf health issues, screw claws, shelter and cows in pasture

Episode 137: December 11, 2020
Vaccine handling, livestock financing, pregnancy concerns, value of land

Episode 136: December 4, 2020
Pregnancy checking, feeding equipment, thin cow management, listener question

Episode 135: November 27, 2020
Antibiotic use, variable vs. total cost, average age of farmers, vaccinating cows

Episode 134: November 20, 2020
KFMA data, grazing crop residue, listener question, resources for more information

Episode 133: November 13, 2020
KFMA cattle data report, planning hay feeding, listener question, weaning final exam

Episode 132: November 6, 2020
Ask the expert: pumpkin facts, mental health, animal handling facilities, winter water management

Episode 131: October 30, 2020
Grazing control, feeding steers at home, tips for finishing a few calves, Veterinary Practice Sustainability Committee

Episode 130: October 23, 2020
Meet Fred Gingrich, 2020 AABP Conference Updates, Biggest Issues in the Cattle Industry

Episode 129: October 16, 2020
First Frost, Conversations with Your Lender, Strategies for Talking with Your Lender, Cow Culling Management, Winter Grazing

Episode 128: October 9, 2020
Job Satisfaction Data, Capturing Value of Calves, Tips for Capturing Value of Calves, Calving Dry Lot vs Pasture, Death Loss Data

Episode 127: October 2, 2020
Anaplasmosis, Newly Weaned Calves, Tips for Evaluating Disease in Newly Weaned Calves, New Technology

Episode 126: September 25, 2020
BQA Certification, Remodeling Handling Facilities, BQA’s Role in Processing Calves, Biosecurity with BQA

Episode 125: September 18, 2020
Fall Calving, Top Differences Between Fall and Spring Calving, LRP Questions, Alternative Feedstuffs

Episode 124: September 11, 2020
Stump the Expert, Low Stress Weaning, Tips for Managing Low Stress Weaning, Livestock Risk Protection Tools

Episode 123: September 4, 2020
Stump the Expert, Pre-Conditioning, Top Preventative Health Tips for Pre-Conditioning, BQA Tips for Weaning, Early Preg-Checks

Episode 122: August 28, 2020
Fall Grazing, Tips for Fall Grazing, Johnson Grass Questions, Amino Acid Supplementation

Episode 121: August 21, 2020
Pinkeye, Understanding EPDs, Tips for Reading EPDs, Telemedicine

Episode 120: August 14, 2020
Stump the Expert, General Economic Status, Big Issues in Rural Practice, Opportunities in Rural Practice

Episode 119: August 7, 2020
Stump the Expert, Herd Record System, Priorities for Cow/Calf Herd Record System, Rotational Grazing, Feeding Cattle at Home

Episode 118: July 31, 2020
Planting Fescue, Hay Storage, Tips for Storing Hay Outside, Foot Rot

Episode 117: July 24, 2020
Stump the Expert, Blue Green Algae Questions, Summer Pre-Weaning Pneumonia, Early Weaning, Vesticular Stomatitis

Episode 116: July 17, 2020
Creed Feeding, Top Tips for Creep Feeding, Blue Green Algae Concerns, Heat & Transporting Cattle

Episode 115: July 10, 2020
Monitoring Water, Culling Bulls, Top Considerations for Culling Bulls, Heat & Breeding, Your Calf & His Developing Rumen

Episode 114: July 3, 2020
Meet Myriah Johnson, Stump the Expert, Sustainability Impact on You, Tips for Managing Sustainability on Your Operation, Current Sustainability Research Focus

Episode 113: June 26, 2020
Stump the Expert, Direct Beef Marketing, Top Considerations for Direct Marketing Beef, Pinkeye, Pulling Bulls from the Breeding Pasture

Episode 112: June 19, 2020
Gabby’s Questions, Water Consumption, Top Water Management Considerations for Summer, Fly Control, Hay Management

Episode 111: June 12, 2020
Dustin Questions, Listener Question, Legume Bloat, Top Ways to Prevent and Manage Legume Bloat, Price Risk Management

Episode 110: June 5, 2020
Meet Jeanette Thurston, Dustin Questions, New Consumer Behaviors, Top Post-Pandemic Consumer Behaviors, Food Security

Episode 109: May 29, 2020
Student’s Perspective on COVID, Meet Dr. Matthew Kelso, VTPRK Program, FAVC Program

Episode 108: May 22, 2020
Vaccine Handling Quiz, In Season BSE, Top Items to Check In Season for Successful Breeding, Predicting/Monitoring Weather, In the News

Episode 107: May 15, 2020
Dustin Questions, Supply Chain Disruption, Spring Processing of Calves, Top Considerations for Processing Calves, Listener Question

Episode 106: May 8, 2020
Calving Timing, Optimum Cow Size, Tips for Determining Optimum Cow Size in Your Operation, Burning Management, Listener Question

Episode 105: May 1, 2020
Pre-harvest Pathogen Control, Future Trends in Food Safety, Top Future Trends in Food Safety, Listener Question

Episode 104: April 24, 2020
Heifer CONSULT, Getting Cows Bred Early, Tips for Getting Cows Bred Early, Sync Protocols, Listener Question

Episode 103: April 17, 2020
Beef Prices Up, Cattle Prices Down, Grazing Management and Pasture Turnout, Top Recommendations for Transitioning Cows to Grass, Grass Tetany

Episode 102: April 10, 2020
Dustin Questions Disease Response/Traceability in the Age of COVID 19, Incoming Bull Management Biosecurity, Tips for Brining New Bulls Into Your Operation, Listener Question

Episode 101: April 3, 2020
COVID Responses, KLA Update, Managing a Business During a Crisis, Tips for Managing a Business In a Crisis, Opportunities Post Crisis

Episode 100: March 27, 2020
Contracted tendons in calves, Separate replacements from herd, Accounting for depreciation in a budget, Dwarfism in young calves, Gestation length and calf size, Calving timing and production efficiency, Biggest changes in beef industry, Keys to cow-calf profitability, Favorite part of the podcast

Episode 99: March 20, 2020
Biosecurity & Risk Management, Beef Demand Index, Listener Question, Getting Bulls Ready for Breeding, Top Tips for Preparing Bulls for Breeding

Episode 98: March 13, 2020
Dustin’s Travels, Cow-Calf Profitability, Calf Death Loss, Top Ways to Manage Death Loss in Your Herd, Protein Supplementation, Listener Question

Episode 97: March 6, 2020
When to Calve, Deciding to Treat, Top 4 Criteria for Deciding When to Treat, Genetics and Health

Episode 96: February 28, 2020
Listener Question, Ways to Advocate, Top Ways to Be an Effective Advocate, Sustainability

Episode 95: February 21, 2020
Dustin Questions, Antibiotic Use with Scours, Antibiotic Use with Respiratory Disease, Protocol for Treatment, Tips for Building a Treatment Protocol, Future of Antibiotics

Episode 94: February 14, 2020
NCBA Recap, Listener Question, Calving Season Preparation, Top Things to Consider Preparing for Calving, Calving Scenarios

Episode 93: February 7, 2020
2020 Trends, Buying a Bull, Top Buying a Bull Considerations, Bull:Cow Ratio, New Technology

Episode 92: January 31, 2020
U.S. CattleTrace, Why You Should Care About Expanding Traceability, Adding Value to Feeder Calves

Episode 91: January 24, 2020
CattleTrace, U.S. Herd Breed Composition, Tips for Planning Your Breeding Program, Heterosis Testing, Upcoming Events

Episode 90: January 17, 2020
Mud Control, Listener Question, Colostrum Management, Top Tips for Managing Colostrum, Recruitment & Retention, Electronic ID Tags

Episode 89: January 10, 2020
Year End Review, Purchasing Heifer Bulls, Top Criteria for Selecting Heifer Bulls, Listener Question, Upcoming Events

Episode 88: January 3, 2020
Mock Trace Event, KFMA Research, Recording Keeping in the New Year, Top Areas to Keep Records in the New Year, Listener Question, Hay Feeding Influence on Calving

Episode 87: December 27, 2019
Meet Dr. Hans Coetzee, Anaplasmosis Control, Antimicrobial Sales, Castration Pain/Stress, Tips for Managing Castration Pain/Stress, Pain Management Tools

Episode 86: December 20, 2019
Economic Impacts, Listener Question, Top Tips for Early Calving, Changes in Cow/Calf Herds, Breeding Season

Episode 85: December 13, 2019
History of Traceability in Scotland, Consumer Impacts/Exports, Implementation of System, Benefits of System, Recommendations

Episode 84: December 6, 2019
CattleTrace Industry Impacts, Cattle Cycle, Cow Depreciation, Top 3 Tips for Managing Cow Depreciation, Dollar Cost Averaging Approach

Episode 83: November 29, 2019
Dustin Questions, Ag Credit Survey, Listener Question, Tips for Managing Profitability in Stocker Cattle, Health Protocols

Episode 82: November 22, 2019
Dustin Questions, CattleTrace, Meet Andrew Moxey, Replacement Heifers, Tips for Replacement Heifer Selection at Weaning, Genomic Testing

Episode 81: November 15, 2019
Cow Intake, Protein Supplementation, Cull Cow Options, Tips for Cull Cow Management, CattleTrace Symposium

Episode 80: November 8, 2019
Recent Events, Winter Hay Management, Top Tips for Winter Hay Management, Calf Productivity

Episode 79: November 1, 2019
Meet Sara Place, Non-Commercial Food Service & the Beef Industry, Sustainability Facts, Top Sustainability Facts, Cow-Calf Sustainability, Mature Cow Size

Episode 78: October 25, 2019
Dustin Questions, Weaning Calves, Calf Marketing, Top 5 Calf Marketing Considerations, Value of Preg-Checking

Episode 77: October 18, 2019
Meet Forrest Buhler, Dustin Questions, Transition Plan Definitions, Succession Planning, Business Structure

Episode 76: October 11, 2019
Listener Question, Antimicrobial Definitions, Culling Cows, Top “O”‘s of Culling, Vaccinating Fall Calving Herds

Episode 75: October 4, 2019
Listener Question, Grazing Sorghum, Trace Minerals, Top Mineral Considerations, Vaccinating Spring Calving Cows

Episode 74: September 27, 2019
Dustin Questions, Ultrasound Guidelines Council, Pre-Processing Check, Tips for Pre-Processing Facility Check, New Facility Questions, Facility Costs

Episode 73: September 20, 2019
What is Anaplasmosis, Handling Cattle with Anaplasmosis, Anaplasmosis in Your Herd, Tips for Managing Anaplasmosis, Body Condition

Episode 72: September 13, 2019
Dustin Questions, Meet Brian Lubbers, Antimicrobial Plan, Antimicrobial Selection Tips, Castration, Antimicrobial Stewardship

Episode 71: September 6, 2019
Risk Management, Dustin Questions, Cow Breakeven, Tips to Manage Cow Breakeven, Cover Crops, Stockmanship

Episode 70: August 30, 2019
Meet John & Chase, Cattle Handling, Stockmanship & Stewardship Seminar, Value of BQA, Vaccine Handling

Episode 69: August 23, 2019
Reproductive Heritability, Bull Selection, Top Tips to Prepare for Fall Weaning, Fall Weaning & Processing

Episode 68: August 16, 2019
Conference Updates, Pasture Management, Creep Feeding, Top Tips for Summer Nutritional Plans, BQA, In the News

Episode 67: August 9, 2019
Sarah Bowser, Cattle Feeding & Sorghum, Sorghum Challenge/Opportunities, Sorghum Research, Fall Calving, Top 7 Tips for Fall Calving, Fly Control

Episode 66: August 2, 2019
Poll Question, Summertime Pneumonia, Top Summer Pneumonia Risk Factors, Feed Efficiency Genes, Deworming, Trailer/Tire Management

Episode 65: July 26, 2019
Fencing Estimates, Listener Question, Important Cow-Calf Traits, Fencing, BIF Update

Episode 64: July 19, 2019
Dr. Joe McMeniman, Ag Economic Questions, National American Society of Animal Science, Pre-Conditioning Calves, Top 5 Tips for Mid-Summer Pre-Conditioning, Top Australian Issues

Episode 63: July 12, 2019
Pink Eye, County Fair, Top Tips for Going to the County Fair, Transition Plan, Heat Stress

Episode 62: July 5, 2019
Hy-Plains Conference, Listener Question, Top Tips for New Producers, Invasive Species, Top Traits for Beef Cows, Transition Plan Poll

Episode 61: June 27, 2019
Dr. Ellis, HR Risk, Transition/Estate Plan, Top 5 Areas of Risk & How to Manage, Crisis Communication, Communication Strategies, Fall Brown Calves & Weaning Tips

Episode 60: June 21, 2019
Keep/Cull Poll Question, Livestock Risk Protection, Dr. Larson’s Tanzania Trip, Ag Econ Questions, Institutional Risk, Young Calf Health, Top 5 Health Concerns with Pre-Eeaned Calves, Soil Spores, Foot Rot

Episode 59: June 14, 2019
Dr. Dodd; Breeding Season To-do; Moving Calving Season; 7 Tips to Consider When Moving Calving Season; Financial Risk

Episode 58: June 6, 2019
Ag Econ Questions; Listener Question; Top 9 Tips for in Bringing Replacements to Manage Health Risk; Production Risk; What to do with a Cow that has Lost a Calf; Kansas Mesonet Cattle Comfort Index

Episode 57: May 31, 2019
Face and Horn Flies; Risk Management; What to do After Turning Bulls Out 

Episode 56: May 24, 2019
Veterinary Training Program for Rural Kansas; Cow/Calf Profitability; Kansas Extension Master Food Volunteers; In the News

Episode 55: May 17, 2019
Kansas Farm Management Association Report; Thin Cows at Breeding Time; Dealing with Injured Forage Base; Interview with Patti Dollarhide; Listener Question – Ear Tagging; Top 6 Things to Know About Anaplasmosis; Upcoming Events

Episode 54: May 2, 2019
Special Guest Ellie Minnix, Senior in Veterinary Medicine; Spring Lameness in Cattle; Top 5 Tips for Managing Feet and Legs in Bulls; Working Spring Calves; Should I Implant my Cows? 

Episode 53: April 29, 2019
Top 10 Ways to Improve Grilling Season; Special Guest Sharla Huseman, Director of Marketing for Kansas Beef Council; Common Questions for Sharla; Facts from Ag Census; Kansas Beef Council and BCI Collaborate on Events; What Actions Can I Take As a Producer to Make a Difference? 

Episode 52: April 18, 2019
Special Episode – Quiz Bowl Featuring K-State Animal Science Champion Quadrathlon Team Vs. BCI CattleChat Podcast Team

Episode 51: April 17, 2019
Questions from Ag Census; Pre-Season Bull Training; Top 6 Things to do for Pre-Season Bull Management; Grass Tetany

Episode 50: April 12, 2019
Travels of Podcast Team; Top 9 Strengths of the U.S. Industry; AI Synchronization in Heifers; Stage 2 & 3 Labor 

Episode 49: March 28, 2019
Special Guest Tony Batterham, DVM and Feed yard consultant for Australia; Herd Expansion; Colostrum Management; Top 5 Tips for Managing Colostrum in Beef Herds; Antimicrobial Use in Feed yards; Animal Activism 

Episode 48: March 25, 2019
Travels of Podcast Team; Is AI Worth It?; Top 10 Tips for a Successful AI Synchronization Program; Cull Cows; In the News

Episode 47: March 15, 2019
Special Guest Justin Waggoner, Beef Systems Specialist in Garden City, Kansas; Calving Records 

Episode 46: March 13, 2019
Abortion in Cattle; Special Guest Glenn Rogers, President of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners; Postpartum Interval; BCI Cattle Chat Checklist – Top 6 Things influencing Postpartum Anestrus; Special Guest Brandon Depenbusch, Vice President of Cattle Operations for Innovative Livestock Services; BCI Beef Tip 

Episode 45: March 8, 2019
Special Guest Jackie McClaskey, President of the Future American Royal Campus, Former Secretary of Agriculture; American Royal; Opportunities in Agriculture; BCI CattleChat Checklist – Top 6 Opportunities in Agriculture; Getting Youth Involved in Agriculture; In the News

Episode 44: February 27, 2019
K-State Animal Science Cattlemen’s Day Event; Annual Legacy Sale; Bull Buying Season; BCI CattleChat Checklist – 8 Tips to Prepare for a Bull Sale; Lice in Cattle; Supplementing Cows

Episode 43: February 23, 2019
How Big of a Concern is Mud; Sandhills Calving System; Top 5 Tips for Managing and Preventing Calf Scours; When Should I Castrate Bull Calves; Interview with Patti Dollarhide on Beef Up Your Kansas Day Event; BCI Beef Tip – Take Mud Seriously 

Episode 42: February 20, 2019
Types of Risk; BCI Cattle Chat Checklist – Top 7 Risks You May Want to Plan For; In the News; BCI Beef Tip- Helping A Newborn Calf Breathe 

Episode 41: February 11, 2019
Special Guest Dr.Justin Smith, Animal Health Commissioner; National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Meeting; What is the Minimum Temperature Cattle can Handle; Top 6 Technology Changes Impacting Animal Health; BCI Beef Tip – Don’t be Afraid of New Business Opportunities 

Episode 40: January 31, 2019
Super Bowl Trivia; Listener Question – Income to Debt Ratio for Veterinarians; Variability in Cow-Calf Returns; BCI Cattle Chat Checklist – What Are Tasks We Can Do in Winter to Make 2019 Successful; Are my Cows Ready for Calving; In The News; BCI Beef Tip

Episode 39: January 25, 2019
Special Guest Chuck Dodd, Director of Outreach for K-State College of Veterinary Medicine; Interacting with Veterinarians in the Field; Recruitment of New Vet Students; Top 5 Tips for Students Applying to Vet School; What is the Demand for Veterinarians; What is in the News; BCI Beef Tip 

Episode 38: January 18, 2019
Veterinary Training Program for Rural Kansas; Plastic Disease is a Concern; BCI Cattle Chat Checklist – Top 7 Records You Should Keep on a Cow-Calf Operation; When to call a Vet During Calving; Agriculture Stories in the News

Episode 37: January 11, 2019
Docility in Cattle; Preparations for Winter; Beef Demand; Evaluation of Breeding Programs

Episode 36: December 20, 2018
Foreign Animal Disease Exercise at KDA; FDA Announces Decrease in Antibiotic Usage; 10 New Year Resolutions for Producers; Beef Export News; Nutrition in Cattle

Episode 35: December 14, 2018
Phasing Out Select Beef; How Many Heifers to Keep; BCI Cattle Chat Checklist – Top 10 Items to Include in Calving Kit; Decision Support Survey 

Episode 34: December 10, 2018
Kansas Livestock Association Convention; Supply and Demand Trade Deals; How do Food Recalls Affect the Beef Industry; Premium Discounts 

Episode 33: December 3, 2018
International Symposium of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics Conference; Supplementation Frequency; Calf Preparation; Calf Scours; The Cattle Cycle 

Episode 32: November 27, 2018
Sustainable Beef Tour with Foodservice Professionals; Patti’s Experiences in the Foodservice Industry; Research in Dietetics; Sustainability 

Episode 31: November 16, 2018
Stretching Hay Resources; Growth in Breeding Technologies; Drones in Agriculture; Windbreaks for Cattle 

Episode 30: November 9, 2018
Special Guest Matt Teagarden, CEO of Kansas Livestock Association; KLA History; KLA Convention and How to Become Involved; Electronic Logging Devices in Transportation; Antibiotic Policy 

Episode 29: November 6, 2018
Special Guest Cassie Kniebel; What is CattleTrace; Disease Traceability; Objectives of CattleTrace; Who is Participating; What Makes this Time Different 

Episode 28: November 1, 2018
Special Guest A.J. Tarpoff; What is BQA and Why It’s Important; BQA Certification; Next Week’s Guest; Cattle Care and Handling

Episode 27: October 30, 2018
Fall Cow Nutrition; How much Corn can a Cow Eat; Cover Crop Recommendations; Potential Diseases in Cover Crops; Sunflower Supreme Heifer Sale

Episode 26: October 23, 2018
Food Expenditures; Replacement Heifer Vaccinations; Economics of Cover Crops; Buying Feeder Calves; Value of Old Cattle 

Episode 25: October 17, 2018
Special Guest Kylie Hanson; K-State Ahearn Fund Performance Table; Fad Diets; Adolescent and Incoming Athletes; Beef Nutrition for Athletes 

Episode 24: October 9, 2018
Gardiner Lecture at Kansas State University; Cattle in the United States; Rate of Gain in Replacement Heifers; Testing Corn-Stalk Forage 

Episode 23: October 2, 2018
Listener Poll Results; Should we Test Forage and Why; NIAA Traceability Meeting; Cull/Market Cows

Episode 22: September 24, 2018
Population Growth; Body Condition Score; Hay Testing; Labor Shortage in Agriculture

Episode 21: September 18, 2018
Special guest Josh Roe, Kansas Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and part-owner of Manhattan Meat Market; megatrends in agriculture; American Association of Bovine Practitioners Annual Conference 

Episode 20: September 11, 2018
Special guests Darrh Bullock and Matt Spangler; Kansas State Fair; global beef production; challenges of bull buying; CARE Decision Support Grant

Episode 19: September 4, 2018
Announcement of contest winner; questions on trade; atypical vs. typical BSE; cover crops; vaccine handling

Episode 18: August 30, 2018
Special guest Debbie Lyons-Blythe; questions regarding vaccines; the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef; transitioning the ranch; grazing management 

Episode 17: August 29, 2018
Special guest Debbie Lyons-Blythe; Kansas Agriculture Summit; consumer questions; advocacy in agriculture; selecting replacement heifers

Episode 16: August 21, 2018
Contest announcement; challenges facing agriculture in 2018; K-State Ranching Summit; Starting weaned calves on feed

Episode 15: August 14, 2018
AVC Conference; record keeping on your cow herd and preconditioning 

Episode 14: August 7, 2018
NCBA (Traceability & Biotechnology); why keep records on your cowherd; early preg checking of heifers

Episode 13: July 31, 2018
Consolidation questions; cross breeding question; forage testing; pregnancy nutrition; upcoming conferences

Episode 12: July 24, 2018
Beef Improvement Federation (BIF); questions on consolidation; drought feedstuffs; upcoming conference

Episode 11: July 17, 2018
Questions on trade; fair season and the value of 4-H and FFA; lameness in calves; implanting calves

Episode 10: July 10, 2018
USDA farm statistics; small-producer forecast; working calves in heat

Episode 9: July 3, 2018
Kansas agriculture data; livestock disease traceability; millennials in agriculture

Episode 8: June 26, 2018
Hy-Plains Feed Yard hosts conference on antibiotic resistance; BVD testing and vaccines; artificial insemination conception rates

Episode 7: June 19, 2018
Trace minerals; hay wastage; BVD; heat stress; grilling

Episode 6: June 12, 2018
Fly control; recent travels; BQA certification; bloat

Episode 5: June 6, 2018
When to move cows following breeding; creep feeding calves; Mycoplasma bovis; Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) symposium; news

Episode 4: May 29, 2018
Early weaning; length of the breeding season; monitoring bull performance; news

Episode 3: May 15, 2018
Anaplasmosis; block-chain; managing late-calving cows; dealing with drought.

Episode 2: May 8, 2018
Breeding indexes, EPDs, beef sustainability, the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef’s (USRSB) recent meeting, beef and meat exports, and bull selection.

Episode 1: May 1, 2018
Young Bull Management, Drought, AI Synchronization, and New Technology at K-State 

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