Managing a beef cattle herd involves caring for the cattle, working with available forages, supervising family and non-family labor, marketing calves and cull animals, and dealing with countless other aspects that require up-to-date information and time-tested strategies. Herd management articles address many of the challenges that face cattle producers as they work to preserve their land, their business, and their way of life.

Winter Cow Syndrome

Calf Diarrhea Caused by Salmonella

Herd Health Plan

Animal Welfare


Preconditioning as a Marketing Strategy for Feeder Cattle

Summer Pneumonia of Suckling Calves 

Fescue Toxicosis

Mastitis in Beef Cows


Cattle Health Impacts Carcass Traits 

Preventing Spontaneous Abortions in the Herd

Planning Winter Supplementation

Weaning Beef Calves

Treatment Protocols


Cattle Lameness

Cow Herd Mineral Supplementation

Being a Good Neighbor from a Cattle Health Standpoint

Role of Research for the Future of Beef Production

Cattle Handling Facilities

Commitment to Excellence in Herd Health

Young Bull Health Considerations

Navel Infection

Vitamin A

Cold Weather Concerns

Kansas Farm Management Association Cow-Calf Breeding and Calving Summary

Monitoring Winter Body Condition


2019 & 2020 Survey Summary- Preconditioning Practices

Nutritional Aspects of Cattle Health

Health Risk when Purchasing Cattle

Heat Stress and Considerations for Fair and Show Season


Liver Flukes

Internal Parasites

Lead Poisoning

Research and Innovation

Animal Welfare and Consumer Relations

Use of a BVD Management Tool: BVD CONSULT

Networking in the beef industry

Designing a Trichomoniasis (Trich) control plan to meet the specific needs of your ranch using Trich CONSULT

Bull Management

Reproductive Management of Beef Cattle Herds

Record Keeping

Role of your veterinarian in your business