Listen to veterinary professionals from the Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University talk about a variety of topics within cattle health, nutrition, reproduction, and science. New episodes of Bovine Science with BCI are posted each Monday.

Diving into Diets: Evaluating Forage Quality

Tox Talk: 15 Dead in 36 Hours

After the Abstract: Impacts of Veterinary Feed Directives

Herd Health: Prebreeding Exams on Heifers

Diving into Diets: Supplementation Plans

Tox Talk: Down Cows and Prolapses

After the Abstract: Arrival and Treatment Programs for BRD

Herd Health: Bull Breeding

Tox Talk: 200 Cows turned out on Corn Stalks

Diving into Diets: Warm Season Grasses and Grazing

Tox Talk: Low Gain and Condemned Carcasses

After the Abstract: Metaphylaxis Treatments for Bovine Respiratory Disease

Herd Health: Bull Preparation

Diving into Diets: Cool Season Grasses and Grazing

Tox Talk: 30 Head Found Dead Two Hours After Eating

After the Abstract: Evaluating Research and Bias for Decision-Making