Listen to veterinary professionals from the Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University talk about a variety of topics within cattle health, nutrition, reproduction, and science. New episodes of Bovine Science with BCI are posted each Monday.

The Jumpy Cow

After the Abstract: Understanding Pathogens in Bovine Respiratory Disease

Tox Talk: Processing

Diving into Diets: How to Extend the Grazing Season

Herd Health: Heifer Consulting

After the Abstract: Bovine Respiratory Disease & Therapy

Herd Health: Spreadsheets

Tox Talk: Fall Grazing Gone Wrong

Diving into Diets: Managing Weaned Calves Nutrition

Herd Health: Adding Value to Pregnancy Diagnosis

After the Abstract: Pinkeye

Tox Talk: 1 Dead and Several Gaunt

Diving into Diets: Replacement Heifer Development

Herd Health: New Research on BLV

Bull Breeding Injuries

Tox Talk: Head Pressing and 2 Dead

Diving into Diets: Methane

Tox Talk: 3 Head Found Dead in the Feedlot

After the Abstract: Longitudinal effects in calves at high risk for BRD

Losing Condition

Herd Health: A Decreased Pregnancy Rate

Diving into Diets: Vitamins A, D, and E

Tox Talk: A Neurologic Case

After the Abstract: Sampling methods to identify respiratory pathogens in BRD

A Claw Injury

Herd Health: BVD

Diving into Diets: Grass Tetany

Tox Talk: Girl’s Night Out Gone Wrong

After the Abstract: Lung lesions effect on relapse rate and growth performance

Bright, Alert, and Responsive Down Cows

Herd Health: Keep or Cull?

Diving into Diets: Minerals

Tox Talk: Freezing Conditions and 20 Dead

After the Abstract: Enrofloxacin Treatment of Acute Anaplasmosis

A Case of Bloat?

Herd Health: Front End Loading

Diving into Diets: Evaluating Forage Quality

Tox Talk: 15 Dead in 36 Hours

After the Abstract: Impacts of Veterinary Feed Directives

Herd Health: Prebreeding Exams on Heifers

Diving into Diets: Supplementation Plans

Tox Talk: Down Cows and Prolapses

After the Abstract: Arrival and Treatment Programs for BRD

Herd Health: Bull Breeding

Tox Talk: 200 Cows turned out on Corn Stalks

Diving into Diets: Warm Season Grasses and Grazing

Tox Talk: Low Gain and Condemned Carcasses

After the Abstract: Metaphylaxis Treatments for Bovine Respiratory Disease

Herd Health: Bull Preparation

Diving into Diets: Cool Season Grasses and Grazing

Tox Talk: 30 Head Found Dead Two Hours After Eating

After the Abstract: Evaluating Research and Bias for Decision-Making