The Beef Cattle Institute, along with other stakeholders in our industry such as the US Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, works with farmers and ranchers to advance, support and communicate continuous improvement of sustainability across the U.S. beef value chain.  People often have questions about how their food is produced and where it comes from.  Consumers want to feel good about what they choose to eat and how it will help them maintain or improve their own health.   And in more recent times, consumers want to know that the beef production system supports the livelihood of farmer and ranchers, minimizes environmental impacts of food production, and ensures welfare of food animals.

Farmers and ranchers have long embraced efficiency and conservation practices that allow them to proudly transfer their operations to the next generation.  Even so, there are areas of beef sustainability we need to understand more fully.  How can we partner even further and be part of developing a more sustainable, regenerative food system?  Attached are articles and research intended to give producers and veterinarians informed insight to be “in the know” and share the amazing story of how beef cattle are part of the sustainability solution.

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