What is the Pregnancy Analytics app?

Pregnancy Analytics allows you to input pregnancy diagnosis information chute-side and with ease. Designed to fit the needs of veterinarians and producers alike, inputting records has never been more straightforward.

Pregnancy analytics allows input of

  • Pasture ID/Herd name
  • Number of days bred
  • Breed composition (up to 3 breeds)
  • Cow ID
  • Age
  • Body condition score (BCS)

From this information, projected calving dates are generated and graphs are created to display the distribution of your future calving season. Manage your cow herd more efficiently. Put Pregnancy Analytics to work for you.

Download the app on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

Why do I need it?

The Pregnancy Analytics app provides easy chute-side data collection at the time of pregnancy diagnosis. The app immediately turns preg-check data into easy-to-read charts and tables for enhanced workup of lower-than-desired breeding success, identification of additional efficiency when overall breed-up is good, and improved communication between veterinarians and cattle producers. The app provides a simple and efficient way of managing pregnancy information because:

  • It is very simple data entry on your smart phone or iPad
  • It does not require that the herd have a record keeping system –– the cows do not even have to have individual ear tags
  • It is useful as a data analysis and client communication tool for any size herd –– but really adds value to larger herds
  • “When” in the breeding season cows became pregnant, or more importantly, “when” in the breeding season that cows did not get pregnant is extremely valuable information when working up a less-than-desirable breed-up

Pregnancy data is extremely valuable, and the Pregnancy Analytics app allows you to differentiate your pregnancy detection service. Veterinarians using the app are able to immediately create valuable graphs and analysis of pregnancy data, and will have the enhanced ability to interpret pregnancy distributions when creating a rule-out list for the most important factors limiting reproductive efficiency.

How does it work?

Interpreting data using Pregnancy Analytics


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