Academy of Veterinary Consultants and American Association of Bovine Practitioners – Statement on Disclosure of BVD PI animals

The cattle industry has a moral, ethical and potentially legal obligation not to sell known diseased or damaged animals to other parties without full disclosure. Responsible disposition of animals persistently infected (PI) with BVDV is an important component of BVD control.

The dilemma of how to deal with known PI cattle becomes more critical as BVD testing becomes more widespread. Appropriate disposition of known PI cattle must take into account the adverse impact these cattle have on the health, welfare, and the economic return of other cattle and cattle operations they may expose to BVDV.

It is widely recognized that a PI animal is defective and once confirmed, the PI status should be thereafter disclosed – as exposure to these cattle has health ramifications for all cattle, especially those intended for reproductive purposes.

Marketing or movement of BVD PI animals in any manner that potentially exposes at-risk cattle is strongly opposed.

Adapted from AVC Standards of Practice and AABP BVD PI disclosure position statement, 2006