By Shelby Mettlen, communications and marketing specialist

The Beef Cattle Institute and College of Veterinary Medicine partner for annual conference.

The Kansas State University (K-State) College of Veterinary Medicine, together with the Beef Cattle Institute (BCI) hosted the college’s annual Cow-Calf Conference Feb. 16, 2018, at the University’s Stanley Stout Center in Manhattan, Kansas. Faculty and staff from the BCI, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Agriculture, and K-State Research and Extension covered topics on using information technology to enhance veterinary services to cow-calf herds.

The program welcomed students and veterinarians to its conference with information varying from how to use websites like the Department of Agricultural Economics’ to updates on the BCI’s emerging dashboards.

Presenters included:
Dr. Bob Weaber, professor and beef extension specialist, animal sciences and industry
Dr. A.J. Tarpoff, professor and extension beef veterinarian, animal sciences and industry
Dr. Gregg Hanzlicek, assistant professor, Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
Dr. Dustin Pendell, associate professor, agricultural economics
Dr. Glynn Tonsor, professor, agricultural economics
Dr. Brad White, director, BCI
Dr. Bob Larson, professor of production medicine, clinical sciences
Dr. David Amrine, research director, BCI
Dr. Sandy Johnson, extension specialist and professor, animal sciences and industry
Patti Dollarhide, director of value chain alliances, BCI
Dr. Carl Meyer, DVM, Oskaloosa Animal Clinic
Steve Johnson, computer systems manager/analyst, University of Nebraska Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center

“This conference was a good opportunity to discuss how veterinary practitioners are using a variety of tools to help make decisions with their clients,” said Dr. Brad White, director. “The Beef Cattle Institute is focused on created solutions that lead to actionable information for producers and veterinarians.”

The conference is intended to provide resources to veterinarians who need trusted information regarding cattle health, reproduction, synchronization protocols, bull selection and expected progeny differences (EPDs), writing veterinary feed directives (VFDs), market forces and other important aspects of livestock production.

“Beef producers look to their veterinarian for information about cattle health, reproduction, nutrition and other aspects of operating sustainable livestock operations,” said Dr. Bob Larson, professor. “This conference helped veterinarians identify valuable online resources available from K-State that can assist them as they address their clients’ needs. The Beef Cattle Institute, the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, the Department of Agricultural Economics, and K-State Extension all provide useful websites, downloadable smart phone apps, management decision calculators, and up-to-date information from research performed at land grant universities across the country. The ability to access and utilize these resources when making recommendations or guiding decisions at the herd level increases the value that veterinarians provide for their clients.”

Topics and resources:

Beef Cattle Institute
Pregnancy Analytics app and VFD app
Animal Care Training/AABP and AVC continuing education

K-State Research & Extension
K-State Research and Extension Beef website
Management Minder, Estrus Synchronization Planner, AI Cowculator

College of Veterinary Medicine
KSVDL website and app and
CONSULT programs

Department of Agricultural Economics
Cow Calf 5 (Great Plains Veterinary Education Center)