Welcome to Episode 29 of BCI Cattle Chat where we had the opportunity to speak with Cassie Kniebel, Program Manager of CattleTrace.

The CattleTrace Pilot Project is being designed as a multi-phased initiative to trace animals through the supply chain and identify opportunities to improve the robustness of the system. With development and outreach taking place in the first three quarters of 2018, the goal is to initiate data collection and cattle tracing in fall 2018.

For more information on CattleTrace, please visit their website at https://www.cattletrace.org/. 

2:35 – Introduction of Cassie Kniebel, Program Manager of CattleTrace

7:40 – What is CattleTrace?

10:10 – Disease Traceability

14:00 – Objectives of CattleTrace

17:48 – Who is Participating?

20:30 – What Makes This Time Different?

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