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2:16 – How Big of a Concern is Mud?

6:58 – Sandhills Calving System

12:45 – Top 5 Tips for Managing and Preventing Calf Scours

  • Identify sick calves as soon as possible
  • Make sure that cows calve in adequate body condition
  • Make sure that cows don’t congregate in one area of the pasture
  • Separate older calves from younger calves
  • Make every week like the first week of the calving season for as many cows as possible

For a more detailed report of these tips, please click here

14:16 – When Should I Castrate Bull Calves?

17:40 – Interview with Patti Dollarhide – Beef Up Your Kansas Day Event

23:15 – BCI Beef Tip – Take Mud Seriously

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