Welcome to Episode 48 of BCI Cattle Chat!  Please click on the links below to be taken to any sources mentioned in the podcast. Keep an eye out for news about our exciting upcoming guests on both Twitter and Facebook.

:49 – Travels of the Podcast Team

8:39 – Is AI Worth It?

16:48 – Top 10 Tips for a Successful AI Synchronization Program

  • You don’t have to synchronize all cows
  • Have cycling cows
  • Use only high accuracy Bulls
  • Make sure heifers are heavy enough to breed, and cows have a good BCS
  • Make sure the cows you are going to synchronize are far enough from calving season post-partum
  • Use a synchronization protocol that fits your management
  • Make sure facilities are adequate
  • Double check your protocol
  • Have equipment and supplies on hand
  • Have a strategy to identify early calving cows

18:40 – Cull Cows

23:02 – In the News

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