Welcome to Episode 53 of BCI Cattle Chat which is sponsored by the Kansas Beef Council! Our special guest on this episode is Sharla Huseman, Director of Marketing for the Kansas Beef Council. Please click on the links below to be taken to any sources mentioned in the podcast. Keep an eye out for news about our exciting upcoming guests on both Twitter and Facebook.

3:10 – BCI CattleChat Checklist – Top 10 Ways to Improve This Year’s Grilling Season

  • Wireless Thermometers
  • Choose Grilling Cuts – For Information on Correct Meat Cuts, visit https://www.kansasbeef.org/
  • Know Your Seasonings
  • Try New Things
  • Share With Others
  • Plan Time Appropriately
  • Be Patient with Charcoal
  • Let Meat Rest
  • Embrace the Process
  • Match Cooking Device

6:05 – Introduction of Sharla Huseman – Director of Marketing for the Kansas Beef Council

10:30 – Common Questions for Sharla

12:49 – Facts from Ag Census

18:55 – Kansas Beef Council and BCI Collaborate on Events

26:35 – What Actions Can I Take to Make a Difference as a Producer?

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