Welcome to Episode 40 of BCI Cattle Chat!  Please click on the links below to be taken to any sources mentioned in the podcast. Keep an eye out for news about our exciting upcoming guests on both Twitter and Facebook.

:25 – Super Bowl Trivia

5:30 – Listener Question – Income to Debt Ratio for Veterinarians

11:15 – Variability in Cow-Calf Returns

14:45 – BCI CattleChat Checklist – Top 6 Tasks We can do in Winter to Make 2019 Successful

  • Prepare for Taxes
  • Repair and Update Equipment
  • Evaluate 2018
  • Plan Breeding Season
  • Plan Grazing/Farming
  • Identify Local/State Information Sources

19:00 – Are my Cows Ready for Calving?

21:38 – In The News

25:53 – BCI Beef Tip – You Can Never Have to Much Lubricant When Calving

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