Welcome to Episode 41 of BCI Cattle Chat where we had the opportunity to visit with KDA Animal Health Commissioner, Dr. Justin Smith.  Please click on the links below to be taken to any sources mentioned in the podcast. Keep an eye out for news about our exciting upcoming guests on both Twitter and Facebook.

1:45 – Introduction of KDA Animal Health Commissioner – Dr. Justin Smith

  • Responsibilities of Animal Health Commissioner
  • Disease Monitoring
  • CattleTrace

12:08 – National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Meeting

16:03 – Listener Question – What is the Minimum Temperature Cattle can Handle?

20:45 – Top 6 Technology Changes Impacting Animal Health

  • Advances in Genomic Testing
  • Electronic Transfer of Traceability Data Points
  • Improved Diagnostics
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Hands-Free Identification
  • Electronic Health Papers

22:38 – BCI Beef Tip: Don’t be Afraid of New Business Opportunities

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